The ABC’s of Positive Thinking (Kahle)

I could write so many wonderful stories about this man who is my soulmate. I could write about his love for me, tell you how he paid for the sins of my past failed relationships until I finally realized it was okay for someone to really love and respect me. I could write about relationships and how it is okay to disagree because if you never disagree someone’s losing in some capacity.

This entry could be about how, in a solid relationship, you grow and change together, and forgive one another for the sharper edges of ourselves that needed shaped and molded by experience. Change is like the shedding of skin where we arrive to greet our partner and the world with our goodnesses even better and our not-so-goodnesses left in the old skin.

Not only does time heal wounds, it also allows us to live many lives. Same people, but, thankfully better.

It was Kahle who has been with me in sickness and in health. He is my best friend, my soulmate. He is the one who led me back to God. I will never forget the day we were hiking and he said, “Are you ready to go back to church?” That first time … I told him no. Then another time on the trail, when he asked again, I’d humbly answered, “Yes.” And I’m so glad I did.

Kahle has told me on many occasions, his main goal has been my happiness. And I tell him, he shouldn’t burden himself with someone else’s happiness, because we are all in charge of our own. But, that’s Kahle—selfless, heroic, my joy, my home.

Life is not always kind. If you can find someone like my guy, grab hold and don’t let go. If you’ve already got that special person, love them deeply.

Remember, the darkness is always afraid of the light. Shine bright with joy in you, around you, and with you, in God, and in that special person with whom He has blessed you.


Change your mind. Change your world.



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