The ABC’s of Positive Thinking (Just)

Several years ago, I took a job through the local hospital. I was to serve as an aerobics instructor at an assisted living facility. I recall having to go through an orientation. At the beginning of the orientation session, we had to introduce ourselves. When it was my turn, I’m sure I told them my name (that part’s vague). What I do remember very clearly is saying, “I’m just an aerobics instructor.” I remember this so vividly because the pastor sitting in on the session, stopped the introductions when I was through to tell me that I am as important as anyone else in the room.

I have always struggled with being enough. I’ve heard Joyce Meyer say, on more than one occasion, that we should eliminate the word just from our vocabulary. In this sense of the word, I agree. We must not limit our importance. To do so is to limit God. At the time, God wanted me to be an aerobics instructor. He wanted me to interact with and be a part of the space and lives of certain people, maybe for their benefit, or perhaps for my own. No matter the reason, minimizing our role in this world is to minimize God’s plan for us. We are not just anything. We are all God’s children, and that is more than enough. That is amazing.


Change your mind. Change your world.




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