The ABC’s of Positive Thinking (I)

The letter I is used to signify an incomplete; it is also the pronoun used to identify self. If someone is incomplete, something is missing, unfinished, in need of. Maybe you feel unsatisfied with your life in some way. Perhaps you are a worrier—this shows a lack of security. Maybe you haven’t found the right person to walk with you in this life—love and companionship is missing. The job you want is just out of reach—purpose escapes you. Health is a concern—faith is lacking.

The fact is, you are never without God. He is constant in every moment of your life. In Him you are complete. I’ve been contemplating doubt a lot lately. It is far easier to have negative thoughts than it is to stay positive. I’ve heard pastors say that everything happens in God’s time, but what if His time would be faster if we would change our thoughts. So often, we sabotage ourselves in the happiest of times. Take for example the holiday season. The kids are home from college, you’ve got commitments with friends, the tree is beautiful, the presents are wrapped, good food is available … all is well, except the worry of finishing last minute details, the exhaustion that comes with additional obligations, and the question: Have I done enough? The list could go on and on. We sabotage the holiday season with unnecessary worrying.

Any time we worry or feel lack of something, we are doubting God. It says in the Bible that if we ask anything in His name we shall receive it. But, don’t we have to believe for what we are asking before we receive it? I believe we are responsible for unanswered prayers, or for a delay in the answer. God can’t work if we don’t let Him.

I chose I for this week’s positive thinking post so I could write about the fact that no one is ever alone. We are never incomplete. God is always with us. If there’s something you are waiting for, praying for, wanting for … get out of your way, remove the doubt, know what it is you desire is already yours. Grab onto it and don’t let go. If you doubt, perhaps you didn’t want what you were asking for, after all.

Change your mind. Change your world.



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