The ABC’s of Positive Thinking (Find)

Of the three dictionary definitions I checked regarding the word find, the Cambridge English Dictionary is the one I find most wonderful. While the other two definitions agree with the Cambridge definition in that find can be a surprise or it can mean the search for something, the Cambridge definition goes so far as to include such meanings as finding favor with another, finding an answer through experiment, or engaging the intellect and feelings to find experience. Also included is finding the self in a particular place whether it be good or bad—a promotion at work or a prison sentence, and finding  in yourself the necessary effort needed to pursue a dream or change in a way that makes life better. Find also means to realize the power in the individual self.

No matter the situation, we must find ourselves grateful if we are to be successful. When life gets hard—when someone has mistreated you, when the money isn’t there to cover the bills, you must find in yourself the capability to be grateful. This is difficult when everyone around you seems to be thriving, but you are not everyone else, and the plan for your life is not the same as the person who seems to have everything. Perhaps, it is you who has more joy in family and friendship than the rich man who is surrounded by only objects. (I like that example, but it is overused, and not always accurate. I am certain there are happy rich people. You don’t have to be rich and unhappy or poor and joyful. J)

This week, I think we should experiment on finding joy. Each time we find ourselves in a situation that isn’t as pleasurable as we’d like, try finding the good in the moment; I’ll do the same. Try to actively reshape your feelings; keep your mood from turning sour. Use the power within to recreate the circumstance to suit you rather than mold you. Find the true you, the best you, and be that person.

Change your mind. Change your world.



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