The ABC’s of Positive Thinking (Bridges)

In our lives, we construct many bridges. Depending on the circumstances, we also take bridges apart, or, as the old saying goes, we burn them. Usually, we think of this burning of a bridge in a negative light, and, perhaps, at times, this is true. But I’m not writing about self-destruction; I am writing about positive thoughts which, of course, lead to positive actions.

We must take inventory of our lives and make decisions accordingly.

If we are too busy, we might put up a Bridge Closed sign, a temporary halt on a project or commitment that is not producing fruit right now but that might prove beneficial in the future. Maybe you are tired of being the head of a committee and it’s time to let someone else have a go at leadership. You step down for a season, and perhaps, after a time of rest, you feel restored. You may return to the committee in the same capacity as before or maybe a different position.

Sometimes, you deconstruct a bridge and use the material to add to another bridge. For example, a family member might need more love and attention than ever before. You may need to withdraw your efforts from a commitment where there is plenty of help and use that material to strengthen the bridge that connects you to the family member who needs so much more.

But what if it is clear that a chapter in your life must close for good? Someone’s negativity is dampening your spirit, or maybe someone is using you. At this point, you need to light the match.

Bridges can be formed, and bridges can be dismantled. In our very busy lives, we tend to take on too much. We must reevaluate often, constructing, deconstructing, and demolishing as necessary in order to keep ourselves and others renewed and refreshed and positive in mind, body, and spirit. We must ask ourselves, “What is the purpose of the bridges in my life?” Answer yourself honestly, then get to work and liberate yourself from what isn’t working, adding only that which enriches your life and the lives of others.

Change your mind. Change your world.



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