The ABC’s of Positive Thinking (Acceptance)

November 2, 2017

Last night I left Bible study with one word on my mind: acceptance. If we are to be positive thinking people, we must accept ourselves, flaws and all. This is not permission to act any way we want; this is simply giving ourselves permission to be a work in progress, to love ourselves despite the mistakes we, as humans, are bound to make.

How might we accomplish such a task? A couple of months ago, a friend gave me a rock. Painted beautifully on the surface are the words, Let It Go. When I would get frustrated with myself, when I’d make a mistake, when something didn’t go my way, when my flaws were right there in my face, I would take a deep breath and Let It Go. It worked beautifully until everyday life distracted me from the practice. Today, I am challenging myself and you to accept ourselves as the beautifully broken people that we are, to know we are works in progress, that we are to love and accept ourselves right now and always. Whether it is once a day or fifty or one hundred times a day, I believe this love and acceptance of self is possible if as our flaws surface, we acknowledge them, then let ourselves off the hook–take a breath and let go.

Change your mind. Change your world.



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