Quirky Words in Happily Ever After in Front Royal, Virginia

One of the things I love most about writing is the creativity. In this book I took the liberty of spelling words backwards for a few fictional streets and even a small fictional area in New York. I did it as a celebration of my childhood, as a way to thank my mom.

Here’s why:

When I was little, I went through a very strange phase where I spoke my words backwards. If I wanted soup, I’d say, “I tnaw puos.” Pretty crazy, I know. My poor mom, right? Here’s the wonderful part. My mother started playing along. She’d respond by speaking backward.

Now, I don’t recall how long this lasted or what made me stop, but I’ve always been grateful to Mom for letting me do my thing.

So, in theĀ  book, you’ll find a place called Nosilla, and streets named Eel and Enal–my daughter’s middle names. Eel is also my mom’s middle name. And you’ll find nekcihc street and eldoon street because my clearest memory of this phase of my life is asking for puos.

It’s a small piece of the work but one I so enjoyed writing.

Thanks, Mom, for giving me the freedom to let me be me.

Change your mind. Change your world.



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