Project Christmas Break 2017

Thank you for checking out Project Christmas Break. This is the second year for a food drive I hope to continue for years to come. The goal is for twenty-five families to have not only a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, but also food to sustain them while school is not in session. I have compiled a list of staples I’d love to have for each box, but other donations are also welcome.

Below you will find the list  as well as a chart of items offered and items donated. If you would like to participate, please leave a message on my website, or send me a private message on Facebook so that we can arrange a pick up or drop off time that works for you.

All items must be donate no later than Wednesday, December 20, 2017. Please note: if you want to donate perishable items, it would be best to donate closer to the deadline.

I sincerely appreciate your help in this endeavor.




Wish list

25 hams

50 boxes of stuffing

50 boxes of macaroni and cheese

50 large canned vegetable items (green beans, corn, etc)

25 nonperishable dessert items

50 boxed of poptarts

50 boxes of cereal


*Last year our community went above and beyond. Each child took home a gallon of milk, eggs, dinner rolls, potatoes, butter, orange juice and much more. Monetary donations went toward purchasing new coats for the students. A big thank you to those who donated last year. We sincerely appreciate it.


Project Christmas Break 2017 Donations

The number offered shows who has said they’d donate something. The number donated shows the items I’ve actually received.


Items                                                                          # Offered                         #Donated


25 hams

50 boxes of stuffing                                                          50

50 boxes of macaroni and cheese                                     50                                      50

50 large canned vegetable items                                       50                                      50

(green beans, corn, etc)

25 nonperishable dessert items

50 boxed of poptarts                                                         50                                      50

50 boxes of cereal

snack items