Human Me

Do good deeds get us into heaven? God certainly smiles down on us when we do something wonderful, but He also smiles down on us when we make mistakes. He is a forgiving God who loves us no matter what. Does this mean we should embrace poor behavior and choices, knowing that God will love us unconditionally? I can only think of my own parents and how, throughout my entire life, I have never wanted to disappoint them. My own children cherish what their dad and I think. They seek our approval. I believe this is similar to the way we must consider our relationship with God. He is the Father who we want to please, and like our own children who we love through both good and bad choices, so too the Father loves us through our successes and failures. The poem below, “Human Me” is my attempt at showing how God the Father is always with us, loving us through every choice; while He is pleased with our good deeds, He loves us no less when we make mistakes.


Human Me

Could it be my Master’s clothes

come disguised as poor man’s woes?

If ignored my Lord does weep,

but if adored

my soul He keeps?

The answer: Surely, no.

I, the sinner, often seeking,

receive pardon for my sins

gaining entry through the gates

despite ego and mistakes.

When I do something well

He, instead of keeping track,

says, “Well done—though good or bad

I will never turn my back.”

He says He’s ever watchful

knowing before my every choice

what I will think and say and do,

if I will cause Him pain or joy.

No matter error or good deed,

a pure heart is what will please

my God who promises to keep

loving oh so human me.


Missi Magalis

October 2017

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