Dear Who?

I went through a phase in my life where I thought Jesus was just a person. Why not? He’s King of the Jews, after all, and Jews don’t pray to Him, so I figured they are probably the ones who know best. I began praying only to God. At some point, however,  I heard that in order for God to hear my prayers I have to pray to Jesus Christ, that He is the connection. Hmmm. I then considered the examples of prayer I’ve collected over the years. In listening to others pray, I’ve heard a variety of greetings: Dear Lord, Dear God, Dear Jesus, and Holy Spirit. So … the question then is this: Must I use a specific name or greeting in order to be heard and have my prayers answered?

Here’s what I think: God hears my prayers no matter what I call Him. He meets me where I am in my faith walk. He understands me because I am His child. He would never ignore me or forsake me for calling Him Lord instead of Jesus, or Holy Spirit instead of God. If I am communicating with Him, and I’ve asked Him to guide my prayers, wouldn’t it be that my prayers are the words He has given me? Or, say I am praying totally from my human self, I haven’t asked for His guidance as I pray. Wouldn’t it make sense that since God knows what we are going to say before we ever utter a word, He hears us out, forgiving our humanness and differentiating between the pieces of our prayers that are ego-flawed as opposed to those pieces that are genuine?

I have come to the conclusion that I am much like a mutt from the pound, not in the sense that I am insignificant or ignorant, but definitely in the sense that I am what I call a mixed Christian. I’ve picked up this bit of Christianity and that strain of Christianity over the course of my walk with the Lord. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit knows me inside-out. Jesus loves me; He understands me better than I understand myself. God has rules I must follow, yes. But, I truly believe no exact address matters when I am praying to Him because praying to One is praying to All.

Change your mind. Change your world.



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