I am a Christian, wife, mother, author, teacher, and positive thinker. I am married to the best guy on the face of the planet, Kahle Magalis. We have three beautiful daughters, Brooke, Robin, and Kerry Lane III. I am the owner of Happy Creek Publishing. I am the author of the following six books: Ashmikisle Out of the Ashes; How Do You Do, Mrs. Wiley?; Good Morning, Mrs. Clark (sequel to Mrs. Wiley); Beautifully Broken; Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad; and Ain’t No Better Treasure. With the exception of Ashmikisle (Ash-mik-isle), a young adult fantasy, and the non-fiction Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad, the rest of my work falls into the southern fiction genre. I am also a high school English teacher for Diversified Minds, a program within Warren County Public Schools.I love hiking, kayaking, walking, running, biking, reading, and writing. I’ve recently found a love for yoga and have recommitted my life to Christ. And, as I mentioned before, I am a positive thinker.

I hope you enjoy my site, beautiful people.

Remember, we are all connected. Be kind.

Change your mind. Change your world.






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  1. Neda Duncan
    September 16, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    LOVE you, Girl.

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